A Fashion Community

Token name: Glamcoin
Community Network: Shareitt Israel

A problem in fashion

  1. We own many fashion items that are in great shape but not in use

  2. Selling them back for Money is a challenge

  3. Many brands and stores also look to sell fashion for money

  4. That makes the competition of selling fashion almost impossible

  5. As a result, we accumulate more and more great fashion items in our closets

  6. We lose the value of those items! 

Shareitt Solution in Action

  1. Regain your items' value by selling them to your community

  2. Using your community token, members can buy from each other

  3. Without using conventional money

  4. With the tokens gained, you can buy from other community members

Value Created

  1. Additional income. A new type of money that can buy items from other members.

  2. Social. The community will help you get things you want or wish for.

  3. Environmental. Items being reused and not trashed and buried in the ground.

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