Why Shareitt?

Free Money Wallet

Convert preloved items into free money you can use to buy other things


Buying from each other
reduces waste and helps the world

Stable Coin

Pegged to the national currency, no inflation, designed to enable buy & sell

The largest warehouse in the world is found in people’s home. Just look at yours: they are full of perfectly good items that you no longer use

What if you could turn those items into cash for new ones and
never have to reach into your pocket for a credit card?

Shopping: transforming consumption into contribution

  • Market capitalism has created tremendous abundance, to the point where people have closets full of high-frequency purchases, that is items they buy and use only a few times.

  • Malls are full of such items: fashion, accessories, toys, etc. People’s homes are the world’s largest warehouse, yet the market for trading those items is a small fraction of the potential.
    The reasons are many but the bottom line is friction.

​ShareItt is addressing several problems simultaneously:


Intensive research has shown that one simple addition can transform the trade of goods from high friction to transparent. That addition is a means of exchange, or in other words, a dedicated currency that is used inside a community for trade backed by an ecosystem built for stability and inflation prevention.