Who are we

What is Shareitt?

1. Press the "+" button 2. Press the “Item” button 3. Add item details 4. At the end, click “Post”

Why should I use Shareitt?

1. Enter the main market 2. Choose an item you like 3. Click "Ask to buy"

About the communities

Each new user receives “x coins”at the sign up section

Why do we need many tokens?

In order to accumulate coins you need to make sales. The higher you upload quality products, the more compelling the picture will be for the buyer. Which will make your community members want to buy from you.

Start using Shareitt

I have never ordered online - can I order by phone?

You can contact our customer service by email or chatbox at any time. The customer service team will explain you in a very understandable way the process of downloading and using the application.

How do I check the status of my order?

How can I know that the seller accepted my order?

Community Tokens

Why should I be part of the community?

Shareitt is a digital platform for community commerce, aimed at reducing unnecessary consumption of products, saving a lot of money and connecting people. As part of the community you can enjoy various items good of the community, you can purchase products without having to open your wallet, you create new connections, reduce waste and take care of the environment.

Which kind of items I can find in the community market?

Each community has its own definition for the market so it is very dependent on what type of items you are looking for and interested in.

How is the style of items selected for the market?

Each user has the option to upload items to market according to the community style. The development team will be responsible for overseeing the style of items that upload to market in order to create for you the most attractive community market there is.

How often do the items in the community renew?

Items are replenished on a daily basis

Friend Referral

I ordered an item and would like to return or exchange it. What do i do?

After a how many days I can report that I haven't received my shipment?

To Who I report about missing shipment?

Shareitt's email

If I return an item, how do I get a refund?

How long can I cancel my order?

Selling items

How does a user get the item home?

The user has several options to accept the item purchased :
Option 1 - Independent collection Option 2 - Israel Post or any other courier company according to the selection of the purchaser and buyer Option 3 - Community Transportation Group

Is it possible to independently collect the product?


Is it possible to send by Israel Post or a personal courier?

Definitely. Depending on your purchase, you and the additional user can decide in which freelance how you want to make the shipment and delivery.

I made an order and would like to change the shipping method?

When do I receive the item I have purchased?

When will the package reach me?

When I purchase the item, is there a shipping cost?

You may decide in person, in accordance with your agreement and the user you have made the deal with you.

Buying items

How do you accept and approve the rules and regulations?

Once you're signed in to the app, you'll need to go through and accept the policies and laws. Once you are signed in, you will be asked to fill out an entry permit to the community you want to join.

How do you know the style of pictures that is happy to go up to the market?

You can look at your community / market page at any time and understand what style and form you take. The development team keeps track of every image that comes to the market to give you the best items for you.

Returns & cancellations

Item pickup & delivery