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Photography Tips

If you'd like to increase the exposure of the items you upload, generate interest among other users and increase your chances of exchanging items quickly - take care to shoot great pictures. Pictures are the display window for your profile and for every item you upload to the marketplace. In order to provide assistance and improve the Shareitt user experience, we've put together a list of recommended tips for taking pictures of items.

Pastel Color Clothes

Shoot at a direct angle

Try to shoot your item at a straight (180˚) angle, so that the camera is level with it. The angle impacts the appearance of the item so it's important to make sure you're shooting at a straight angle. On most mobile devices, you can enable and display a grid which lets you divide the screen into nine equal parts, place your item carefully and improve the quality of your photo. If you're uploading a number of items, consider setting up a comfortable picture taking space on a high table or shelf.

Use a clear background

Place the item on a clean, smooth, preferably white surface, and make sure the background is plain too. How? Place a piece of paper, board or stretched sheet on a table or shelf near the wall, so that the item rests on the surface you've chosen with the wall as the background. We don't recommend photographing the items on a sofa or the floor since these usually aren't uniform in colour or straight, and which make it difficult to take high quality photos.

Striped Dress
Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Use the right lighting

Outdoor light (daylight) is preferable to indoor light and we recommend taking photos during the day. Look for an indoor location that has the most natural, bright light. If that's not possible, we recommend using high quality white lighting. Avoid using built-in camera filters and turn off the flash. The more natural the lighting, the clearer the colours and the truer to the item. If you'd like to make an even bigger effort, get yourselves a lighting ring to upgrade your photos considerably (look for one on our marketplace).

Clean your camera lense

Sometimes a speck of dirt on the camera lense is enough to ruin all your pictures. Just before you snap a picture, make sure the lense is clean. Also make sure the picture surface is clean and smooth. Avoid shade on the item or unwanted spots that will detract attention from the item itself.

Teddy Bear
Woman's Gold Belt

Expose the entire item

Shoot the iitem in its entirety. We recommend moving in as close as possible with a wide background, then editing the frame and centering the item (cropping). A partial picture, one in which the item is too small or unclear or an extreme close up will lead to many questions about the item among other users.

Shoot from a number of different angles

Use as many angles as possible. While the front angle is the most important and will be the main picture you upload, it's important to show different parts of the item - a different angle, relevant information written on the item or any flaws. The more you expose, the more easily other users will be able to examine the item, reducing the number of questions you receive.

Easter Cupcakes

Make it sharp

Make sure your pictures are clear and not blurry. Most mobile cameras have automatic focus, but if you click on the item on your screen just before you shoot, the camera will focus on it manually. Use a tripod if you have one. If not, be sure to hold the camera steady. Once you've taken the picture you can examine its sharpness by zooming in and checking the resolution.

Expose any flaws

If the item is at all damaged, it's best to take separate pictures of any defects and specify them in the item description. Don't hide the flaws - the more you expose them genuinely, the more interest you'll get from other users, increasing chance of exchanging the item.

Pinching the Shirt
Image by Maddi Bazzocco

Don't download, take your own pictures!

No matter what, don't use pictures you find on Google or have downloaded from the internet. First of all, it indicates a lack of credibility. Second, you'd likely be breaching copyright laws. Third, an unauthentic picture won't display the item's current status. Also, if you don't have an item in your possession, there's no point in uploading it. We check items that are uploaded to the marketplace and uphold the highest possible standards of authenticity and credibility.

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